Our Recipes

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Why choosing our products…

Our receipts, in addition to their simplicity and a mixture of natural ingredients, are free of salt, if not in small quantities that are necessary to reach the right balance of tastes. The spices such as pepper, chili etc…can be found just if already present in the raw materials, in addition to the meat, for example mortadella, a correct portion of nutmeg inside the béchamel sauce, since it is due, but absolutely no monosodium glutamate. For this reason each palate, in particular the children’s one that, from the very first living years selects various food and decides which ones it prefers, loves the simple taste of our pasta. More and more parents, talking with us, underline the fact that they have grown up their sons or are doing it (so to speak) with “Tony&Tere” pasta. They ask also for our poorest product, in this case gnocchi, to be rich in potatoes taste, fragrant, sometimes enriched with “Provencal” cheese, an ancient valley receipt. In our double sheet of pastry, the accurate search of the best flour, allows us to decide how to structure the shape, for example if we have some stuffing with lean meat, we make the pasta more structured and vice versa. The right balance let to speed the cooking, observing more and more the time of those who stay in the kitchen. To our friends chefs we offer the practicality of a product easy to be managed in each occasion, without some kind of too much elaborate sauce. Finally, the remarkable number of various items, allows us to make our list very rich, without wasting the product that, in this case from frozen, goes directly into the saucepan and is cooked in two minutes.