Our Recipes

Tony & Tere, a nice combination that, from more than 20 years, signs its product, prepared with care and love, as the Italian tradition requires. The regional products, in particular, determine our offer to the market, since they reflect the hand-made pasta prepared by our grandmothers, a never forgotten tradition and fortunately always in great demand on the houses tables or in occasion of a big banquet in a feast day. All our meat, cooked and processed, have been chosen and selected of Piedmontese breed, since we are situated on a territory rich in farmers, that, together with the Langa’s wines represent us all over the world as leader Italian region. The continuous research on the quality of the raw materials, starting from the flour, then to the eggs, carefully selected, passing through the fresh cheese, on to the vegetables cultivated on the lowland of the centre of Italy, allow us to give our products colors and flavors that cannot be forgotten. This is why it is always possible to find a welcome occasion to taste a good plate of fresh pasta! Life is too short to eat in a very ordinary way, Tony & Tere is the first course that you will never forget!