Our Recipes

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SINCE MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS FROZEN PASTA OF HIGH QUALITY The factory is born in Limone Piemonte, a small touristic town in the province of Cuneo, closed to the borders with France. In the narrow gastronomy laboratory, the products are hand-made following carefully the receipts of the local traditional cookery. Since the very beginning of the activity, the distinctive elements of Tony&Tere lie in the quality of the product: ingredients and accurate processing. Moreover, it is added an important innovation: to freeze the pasta. This process serves to maintain unaltered over the time the organoleptic characteristics of the product. In this way the mill becomes an important landmark for the purchases not only of the ultimate consumers but also of the restaurant owners. The success of the market and the remarkable growth of the business, have made necessary to move the production site in a vaster area. The new laboratory is located in Boves. The basis of the activity remains the main craft and continues to be the prerogative of the company to offer a high quality product, which draws inspiration from the local and Italian tradition, with no compromise in terms of selection of raw materials and quality workmanship. Throughout the years, the company has received all the regulations, very rigorous and severe, for what concerns safety and food hygiene, inserting systematic checks on the working parameters, declaring the absolute regularity of workplaces, of the processes of the final items. The list of the products has been progressively enriched, using new receipts in order to satisfy the requests of a market, both Italian and foreign, that is getting more and more attentive and demanding.